Pellet Sale

It’s time again to stock up and save on wood pellets!  We’re excited to offer Early Buy Savings on high-quality pellet fuel for your pellet stove.

Things are a little different this year as a result of COVID19 impact and restrictions, so please note the following:

  1. For safety’s sake, our store and showroom remain closed to the public at this time.  Therefore, NO IN PERSON purchases may be made.  All sales will take place over the phone using your credit or debit card or doing check by phone.  We will adjust as government restrictions adjust.
  2. We know that finances are tight for a lot of people right now, so we are extending our sale to be held all the way through Tuesday, June 30, 2020.  That’s a full 30 days longer than usual!!

Keep in mind pellets are NOT available for immediate pickup – orders will arrive at our store later this summer.

See below for more details or give us a call today at 970-249-7731

Woodscape Pellet FuelWoodscape Premium Pellets

Purchase 1-2 ton(s)
only $238  per ton*

Purchase 3+ tons
only $232 per ton*

Lignetics-Pellet-FuelLignetics Premium Pellets

Purchase 1-2 ton(s)
only $352 per ton*

Purchase 3+ tons
only $342 per ton*

Remember, We Deliver!

Let us do the heavy lifting and take care of delivering and unloading your pellets.  Chances are if you are getting this email, we deliver to your home.  We also offer hand unloading and pallet jack use. Contact us for details about our delivery area and charges.

*Starting Friday, May 1, 2020, at 9am: Orders for full tons only (no loose bags) will be taken via phone – email and in person orders not accepted. Discount applies to orders placed through Tuesday, June 30, 2020, or while manufacturer’s allotted quantities last. All sales must be paid in full at the time of order. All tons must be purchased on the same order and paid for with one payment method, and delivered to one location only to qualify for a quantity discount. Please note that orders are NOT available for immediate pickup or delivery – you will be notified when your order is ready for pickup or delivery.  Orders must be picked up or delivery scheduled within 30 days of notice of availability or a $5 per ton, per month storage fee applies. Applicable sales tax will be added to each sale. ALL SALES FINAL – NO REFUNDS, CREDITS, EXCHANGES, OR RAIN CHECKS ON PELLET EARLY BUY ORDERS.

Call 970-249-7731 to place your order!

(970) 249-7731